Fossil Creek Reservoir – May 2018

I'm preparing for a July adventure and needed a tent.  I found one on CraigsList like the one I had when I was 21.  I contacted the seller to purchase the tent but he was only going to sell it through his garage sale on Saturday.  Unfortunately, I could not be there on Saturday.  I... Continue Reading →

Opportunities Rarely Come Twice

In 2009, right as the Great Recession began, I took an hiatus from my IT work to pursue a few personal goals.  The hiatus began with a graduate program in psychology which unfortunately ended after the first semester.  Being dyslexic, I could not keep up with the amount of required reading.  Plus, as many know... Continue Reading →

Loveland Pass 2014

Loveland Pass was photographed on two weekends.  The first weekend was in late October when I went for a hike to clear my mind.  I had not been out of Denver for a long while and needed some fresh air.  What better place to get fresh air than the Continental Divide at Loveland Pass. The... Continue Reading →

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