Rocks & Waves

I have another grouping of images that I captured while in Monterey CA, last Spring. 2019.  While there I visited all the galleries in the small town of Carmel by the Sea with a special visit to the Weston Gallery.  I finally saw the real prints of Adams, the Westons, Karsh, Penn and others.  I guess if I had to pick a moment, it was here that my love of B&W began to reemerge.  I grew up on B&W.  Loved the removal of color from life so that only the shapes in tones of black, gray, and white were visible.

When I was capturing these images, I was consciously timing the action of the waves.  I wanted the waves to bring the character to the scene.  The rocks were just there to form the stage where the waves play.  Next on my mind was how to capture the waves.  A high shutter speed would not work for what I wanted, nor would a long shutter speed.  I have grown up hand-holding my camera so the shutter speed had to provide some action of the wave and yet be fast enough to handhold.

Below are the images I’ve developed to date.  I have a very difficult time trying to narrow down the images.  Many are of the same scene, but because of the waves no one scene is the same as the other.  I’ll argue that each image is as different as the moment in time they were captured.

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